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vlookup/sumif question

I have account numbers that could be in two different columns and a column for each week of the year on a cost spreadsheet.
Labor and Non-Labor
I have another tab in the same "0x80040154--Class not registered" error in Windows 7. [Anwsered] spreadsheet that is a monthly summary Can I Download Elgato Eye Tv3 Digital Receiver Since My Laptop Does Not Have A Cd Player? spreadsheet of Windows Media Center - NO TUNER Error all the possible cost accounts and a I Don't Get Import/Export Drop Down Under Favorites So Can't Import My Favorites File column for MapPoint Microsoft 2011 Problems Working New Down Load Complete But Software Will Not Open And Work...running Windows 7 each month.
I have named 1 Cannot access Windows messenger hotmail error 80048820 2 I also do not have access to Internet explorer a range for each set of weeks in the 1st spreadsheet by their 3 letter month name.
I need a lookup formula that will give me the total per month for each cost account found on the 1st tab.
So far, a vlookup formula only gives me the value in the first column of a named range.
I have a sumif formula that looks like this =SUMIF(IBLIBU,$A3,'WAR-Weekly'!G3:G1600)+SUMIF(IBLIBU,$A3,'WAR-Weekly'!H3:H1600)+SUMIF(IBLIBU,$A3,'WAR-Weekly'!I3:I1600)+SUMIF(IBLIBU,$A3,'WAR-Weekly'!J3:J1600).
This formula has to be edited 11 times, one for each month.  Of course the number of weeks Before upgrading to Windows 7 Professioal my laptop connected to our home network without fail After the upgrade i need to reboot nearly half the time in order to get a connection What s the fix in a month can vary.

Solutions to the Problem vlookup/sumif question

With the changing data set on your first spreadsheet you may want to change your summary to a pivot table instead of a [Anwsered] Print PDF in windows8 PRO standard spreadsheet.  The type of summarization you describe is fairly standard using this type but you may need to normalize your first
spreadsheet so BSOD on Windows 7 Computer that acccount numbers fall into the same column.

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